january 2015:
WonderWomen – group show in Minneapolis  – January 20 – February 14

WonderWomen is a group exhibition at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery of work by women artists inspired or influenced by comics, animation or popular culture, and related screenings of work by women filmmakers presented by the Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul.

My Sneak Like A Panther installation and my animation Going Round The Houses can be seen there – amongst artwork by Diyan Achjadi, Alison Bechdel, Dara Birnbaum, Carolina Borja, Jennifer Camper, Deedee Cheriel, Sally Cruikshank, Jennifer Cruté, Disorientalism (Katherine Behar, Marianne M. Kim), Mary Doodles, Cherie Gaulke, Michela Griffo, Nicole Houff, Anna Hrachovec, Mari Inukai, Maya Kern, Sivan Kidron, Pelin Kirca, Barbara Kruger, Hyein Lee, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Paola Luciani, Lupi McGinty, Stephanie McMillan, Leah Moreno, Jackie Ormes, Rebecca Parham, Barbara Porwit, Samantha Rei, Trina Robbins, Betye Saar, Jenny Schmid, Barbara Schulz, Rena Simon-Igra, Ema Smoluchowski, Jen Sorensen, Meni Tzima, Amandine Urruty, The Waitresses (Jerri Allyn, Anne Gauldin)

Katherine E. Nash Gallery
Regis Center for Art, University of Minnesota
405 21st Avenue South, Minneapolis, 612/624-7530

Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul
St. Anthony Main Theatre
115 SE Main Street, Minneapolis, 612/331-4724


november 2014:
new publications

Searching for christmas presents? I can recommend both of these recently published hardcover books, that  feature some of my work:

1. Pictoplasma – Character Portraits.  “The Ultimate Source Book of Postdigital Portraiture for Character Designers, Connoisseurs and the Creatively Curious!”
408 pages, fully coloured, 22 x 28,8 cm / 8.7 x 11.3 in, hardcover & dust jacket, 49,50 €, Pictoplasma Publishing, Berlin, ISBN 978-3-942245-06-7

2. TextileArt around the world “In this latest edition we travel through the surprising and colourful world of textile art. Over 800 photographs display the most beautiful work of 160 artists from across the globe. This is a unique collection of a great variety of worldwide textile art joined together in one book.”
168 pages, fully colored, over 800 images, 28 x 210 cm, hadcover, trilingual edition (dutch, english, german), 29,50 € (37,00 inc ww shipping), textile-link NL, ISBN 978-90-818476-7-4



april 2014:
Pictoplasma – celebrating 10 years of contemporary character design and -art

“During the past decade the Berlin based Pictoplasma project has tirelessly hosted, encouraged and pushed forward a unique, playful and interdisciplinary investigation of the visual avant-garde and graphic arts in the digital age. To celebrate the 10th anniversary edition, the Festival awaits with the Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery at Kaufhaus Jandorf, an exhibition showcasing new works by the 100 artists who have most influenced the festival over the past decade. The Character Walk invites you to a tour of numerous exhibitions by emerging and established artists, most of them premiering in Germany. The freshly graduated Alumni of the first Pictoplasma Academy, held in October 2013, will present their works at Urban Spree. On three nights, the Babylon brings surprising animation to the big screen, and on Saturday night all culminates in the inevitable Big Birthday Party at Urban Spree.”

Unfortunately I planned my vacation wrongly and will miss all this! Almost. I contributed one new piece to the big group show at Kaufhaus Jandorf whicht can be seen untill Mai 11.

Everything else: April 30 – May 4 at Kaufhaus Jandorf, Babylon, Urban Spree and 15 Art Spaces in Berlin. Check all the action on Pictoplasma’s website


ps: The Museum of Contemporary Arts Monterrey, MARCO / Mexico will show the Character Portrait Gallery from September 18th, 2014 to January 11th, 2015


january 2014:

Many years  after my first attempt I found the time to make another whitescreen animation. Again for my friend Judith Holofernes (the singing knight with the horse from below). It’s the music video for her third single “Nichtsnutz” (nogoodnik? goof-off?), and yes – it is good for nothing but useless distraction. A hymn on the idleness!
And so was my work: no storyboard or even a plan. Just letting myself go on a lighttable with permanent markers and see what happens while listening to Judith`s admirable lyrics.

(to watch Video click on image below)



december 2013:
Donna Quichote meets Judith d’Arc

…and here‘s the video!         (I made the costume)



november 2013:
Ein leichtes Schwert


Melde mich zurück von einem weiteren Ausflug ins Kostümwesen.

Für meine Freundin Judith Holofernes habe ich in den letzten Wochen ein mehrteiliges Großraumkostüm kreiert: Ein leichtes Schwert, ein schweres Pferd und eine Ritterrüstung. Alles aus textilen Fasern genäht und gestrickt versteht sich.
Für ihr Video zum brandneuen Titel “Ein Leichtes Schwert” vom brandneuen Solo-Album ist sie damit letzte Woche quer durch Berlin galoppiert. Big Fun! Sobald das Video draußen ist, gibts links und “echte” Bilder.



april 2013:
spontane Wanderlust

Prettyspontaneously my dear friend Moki and I set up a little show here in Berlin:
As part of the Pictoplasma Festival of Character Design and Art, more precisely during it’s Character Walk, Moki and I give a quick insight on our recent work.
Both of us are currently working on stories that are about expeditions into the otherness.
Moki presents a brandnew ‘wimmelbild’ and her graphic novel ‘Wandering Ghost’. I show some samples from the forthcoming book ‘Einer Und Die Anderen’ that I am working on together with Judith Holofernes.

You can find it all at archive books, Dieffenbachstr. 31, 10967 Berlin (Graefekiez).
The exhibition will be free and open from Wednesday April 10 to Sunday April 14, from 12 to 20h.

As the place is rather tiny we will not have a grand opening, but on Wendnesday between 19 and 21h we will definitely be there and happy to say hello to you!

Moki: from ‘Wandering Ghost’


march 2013:

The Association of Illustrators, based in London, launched it’s newest publication of Varoom. Check it out!



imaginary travels

Oktober 31st, 2012

Those of you who are in Berlin and want to know what the finished version of the attached piece looks like and/or those who want to take their kids to an art show appealing to kids I’d like to invite to come to the Amerikahaus am Bahnhof Zoo and check out the group show ‘Imaginäre Reisen’.

On 500m2 a large group of international artists are showing their work during the next 6 weeks – not exclusively but compatibly for children.
The opening is on Saturday, November 3 from 02 pm – 05 pm.

Artists: Dominik Lejman (PL), Ellen Harvey (UK), Wolfgang Karl May (DE), Max Frey (AT), Egill Saebjornsson (IS), Ethan Hayes-Chute (US), Kirstine Roepstorff (DK), Michael Johansson (SE), Nina Braun (DE), Katharina Lackner (AT), Rebecca Raue (DE), Konrad Mühe (DE), Olafur Eliasson (DK), Stefan Saffer (DE), Andy Graydon (US), Thilo Frank (DE), Sophie Erlund (DK), Franz Hoefner und Harry Sachs (DE), Sebastian Hempel (DE), Hollie Chastain (US), Guy Ben-Ner (IL), Eduardo Basualdo (AR), Gaby Taplick (DE), Dustin Schenk (DE), David Krippendorff (DE)

More info here.

..or watch this awesome little trailer!


photographed by Clara Bahlsen


july 2012:

Sorry. It’s been a while..! Season’s greatings. Tss.
In the meantime I joined another pictoplasma show here in berlin, was published in their new book, sew a giant thought bubble for a job, did welcome several groups of students in my studio, took care of growing teeth an wounded knees, and started working hard and with great pleasure on a new project, which is a book. This much I can reveal.

With my brandnew calculator I will keep you posted!  Cheers, Nina


december 2011:
season’s greetings

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,



november 2011:
Pictoplasma group exhibition Paris

“Lés Creatures Ont Leur Festival!

The Berlin based Pictoplasma project is acclaimed for its unique focus on contemporary character design and figurative art. The annual festivals in Berlin and NYC have evolved to be the meeting points for an international audience of illustrators, graphic designers, animation filmmakers as well as producers and fine and urban artists. Now, the world’s leading Festival of contemporary character culture celebrates its premiere in Paris!
From December 7 to 31 la Gaite lyrique presents a comprehensive program with installations, exhibition, artist conferences, performances,
screenings  and loads of Character!”

I will show some of my work in the group exhibition Post Digital Monsters alongside pieces created by Shoboshobo (FRA), AJ Fosik (USA), Allison Schulnik (USA), Ben & Julia (FRA – SUI), FriendsWithYou (USA), Hyein Lee (KOR), Jeremy Dower (USA), Jordan Metcalf (ZAF), Joshua Ben Longo (USA), Juan Pablo Cambariere (ARG), MyMO (GER), Nick Cave (USA), Nick Sheehy (AUS), Overture (USA), Raymond Lemstra (NED), Rina Donnersmarck (GBR), Roman Klonek (POL), Sarah Illenberger (GER), Steve Alexander (GER).

7 – 31 DECEMBER 2011
3 bis rue Papin
75003 Paris


picture by Motomichi


july 2011:
maternity leave pt. two

Deliriously happy I am to tell you, that our second child arrived safe and sound!
I’ll get back to work sometime later…                            Love, Nina




june 2011:
new artwork online

My new works from the show “Lovers Rock” are now online.

Many thanks to Clara Bahlsen (photographed the Rock) and heliumcowboy artspace (shot all the others)!


The Hipster


april 2011:
Lovers Rock

I am very happy to announce my new solo show “Lovers Rock”. You are warmly invited to join me for the opening on Saturday, May 28 at the heliumcowboy artspace in Hamburg.
If you don’t happen to be in town but are interested nonetheless, you can see my new works on the gallery’s website from the opening day on.




march 2011:
safe the date!

Before I disappear into another maternity leave I really wanted to do a new show.
This will finally happen end of May. On Saturday 28 will be the opening at heliumcowboy artspace in Hamburg / Germany.

Save the date! Details will follow.



december 2010:
Happy Holidays!

The wish is old, the wish is true: A merry Christmas, my friends, to you!
And all the best in the New Year.





december 2010:

Frrriends frrom France: find a elaborate review about my work in Étapes magazine issue 182!
Étapes – design et culture visuelle


october 2010:
Preview Berlin art fair

Heliumcowboy artspace will show up at PREVIEW BERLIN, held at Tempelhof airport October 8 – 10.

At booth # 42 some of my work can be seen alongside works of Victor Castillo, Jeremy Fish, Alex Diamond, Jo Fischer and Boris Hoppek.

Professional preview Thursday, October 7, 2010, 2 – 6 p.m. (by invitation only)
Opening reception
Thursday, October 7, 2010, 6 – 10 p.m.
Opening hours
Friday, October 8 until Sunday, October 10, Daily 1 – 8 p.m.
Airport Berlin Tempelhof, Hangar 2, Columbiadamm 10, 12101 Berlin


october 2010:
Merci, Marzi

A new surface for my site… Thanks to my friend Marton di Katz from Zurich for his help!



september 2010:
Street Knowledge

I am in another book:

“An encyclopedia of street culture for those who love Banksy or Irvine Welsh and want to know about the cutting-edge talents, past and present who have shaped urban cool.

This eye-catching insider’s guide includes oldschool graffiti legends, avant-garde street artists, film makers, DJs, designers, writers, and poets who have influenced urban culture. From the groundbreaking New York artists of the 1980s to the unique work of modern-day Iranians, this book shows how street culture has penetrated every aspect of modern life. Street Knowledge includes work and exclusive interviews from some of the world’s most famous artists and talents, such as Banksy, David LaChapelle, Kelsey Brookes, Quik, Tony Kaye, Tama Janowitz, The KLF, Shawn Stussy, Obey, Irvine Welsh, Martha Cooper, and Benjamin Zephaniah, as well as lesser- known and up-coming talents who are literally coming up from the streets.”

written by King Adz, published by Overlook
320 pages, hardcover 23,5 x 19,6 x 2,8 cm, language: english

ISBN-10: 1590204778, ISBN-13: 978-1590204771




september 2010:
group show in Munich

A heliumcowboy artspace showcase in cooperation with Galerie Lichtpunkt Ambacher Contemporary, Munich.

Features Alex Diamond, Boris Hoppek and me.

Sep 11 – Oct 8, 2010
opening: Fri, Sep 10, 7 pm

location: Galerie Lichtpunkt Ambacher Contemporary
Lothstrasse 78a, 80797 München
opening hours: tue – fri, 1 – 6 p.m. and by appointment


september 2010:
group show in Hamburg

“Most of the works shown at “Mountain To Surf” have never been exhibited in Hamburg before. These works have been presented at fairs and exhibitions in Basel (Mountains), New York (somewhere in between = To), Barcelona/Miami (Surf) … you get the idea.” (heliumcowboy artspace)


Jon Burgerman, Victor Castillo, Alex Diamond, Boris Hoppek, Jeremy Fish, Casey McKee and me.

Sep 3 – Sep 17, 2010
opening: Fri, Sep 3, 5 – 9 pm

location: heliumcowboy artspace
Bäckerbreitergang 75 (new!), 20355 Hamburg
opening hours: tuesdays – fridays 12 – 7 pm and by appointment


september 2010:
Illustration Play 2

“Totally unique collection of works that focuses on a return to experimental and individual techniques, such as paper cutting, stitching, knitting, needlework, origami, patchwork, and more.
From pure and simple to hugely complex these artworks offer enormous diversity both in the skills brought to each project and the originality evident in each piece.” (Gingko Press)
Alongside the detailed presentation of 23 colleagues’ work a wide variety of my art can also be seen in this very nice book.

First published and edited by viction:ary / Gingko Press
248 pages, Paperback
300 color illustrations, English ISBN: 978-988-17328-6-6




september 2010:
art class for children

I share my studio’s backyard with a kindergarten. My friends Anneli Schütz, Jette Ahrens and I got to the idea to beautify this rather gray place together with the garten’s children. Sponsored by the Berlin senate’s culture fund we gave an art class and built sculptures of concrete, a big wooden playhouse and much more.




april 2010:

My first speech ever I will hold on Pictoplasma Conference, April Saturday 10th, 2:30 pm, at Babylon cinema Berlin-Mitte.

I was invited to tell about my work and bioraphy. In English..

“Over the course of 2 days, an international line-up of established and up-coming artists, directors, animators and designers will present their character-centric work in concentrated lectures and talks. Attendees have the chance to learn more about the inspiration, production process and personal approach of some of today’s most outstanding creators.”


march 2010:

For those who know a little German: Reporter and old friend Anja Backhaus visited me in my studio for an interview. The nice little film can be seen on tv channel einsfestival in her show einsweiter or here.


february 2010:
maternity leave

I am very happy to announce the birth of a beautiful baby girl!

Right now I take a little break to enjoy ourselves. I’ll be back in April to present my work at Pictoplasma conference.




august 2009:
If life gives you lemonade – add vodka!

Years after I sewed the toast costume for my friends Cleptomanicx, I made another one: the lemon. Again the mascot’s original character was created by Stefan Marx. Last thing I’ve heard was they ran away and are now hitch-hiking through southern Europe.



may 2009:

Some of my latest works can be seen at the Volta show in Basel.

Watch out for the heliumcowboy artspace booth.

Monday, June 8th – Saturday 13th, 2009
Markthalle / Viaduktstrasse 10, 4054 Basel, Switzerland

Previews: Monday June 8th 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
General opening: Monday June 8th 6 p.m. -  8 p.m.
Daily: June 9th – June 13th, 12 – 8 p.m.



february 2009:
Needleworkout And Pumping Iron

Embedded in the 3rd Pictoplasma Conference’s Character Walk 2009 I show some of my latest works in Berlin.
Come to the opening  on Tuesday  17th of March between 7 and 10 p.m!

The exhibition is kindly supported by heliumcowboy artspace and presque fini / fashion designer Paula Immich who will be my host:

presque fini showroom
Brunnenstr. 53
13355 Berlin
Open March 17 – 22, 12 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Do the Character Walk (30 galleries and project rooms across Berlin), but also see the festival’s main exhibition Pictopia at

Haus der Kulturen der Welt
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin

Open March 19th – May 3rd, 10 a.m. – 9- p.m.


january 2009:
group show in Barcelona

In Summer 2007 a group of artists represented by Iguapop gallery in Barcelona did a show at heliumcaballero’s in Hamburg. Now we strike back and descend on Iguapop. The exhibition is titled Das Herz von St. Pauli and runs from Saturday, January 17th until February 14th. We, that’s Stephen Smith (Neasden Control Centre), Christophe Lambert, 56K, Alex Diamond, Arturo Sandoval III (Friends With You) and me. Felix (Home Of The Lame solo) will bring his guitar to play an acoustic set on the opening on Saturday and we will bring some fancy appetizers from Hamburg.

No te quedas con las ganas – venga!


Broken Places (detail)


november 2008:
next: SCOPE Art Fair Miami (Dec 3 – 7)

Together with heliumcowboy artspace I will leave the cold winter behind and travel to sunny Florida to set up the Tumulus one more time. I also show some new pieces alongside works by Antonio Santin, Boris Hoppek, Jon Burgerman, Arturo Sandoval III and Alex Diamond.

This mandala I just finished and it’s already on the way:

The Darkest Night (155 x 155 x 10 cm)


october 2008:
Missy Magazine – was jede Frau wissen muss

Endlich ein normales Frauenmagazin! Ab jetzt und dann hoffentlich für immer!
Dies ist eine wärmste Empfehlung..

Missy Magazine – ab dem 20. Oktober am Kiosk


In der ersten Ausgabe: “Das Monster bin jetzt ich” Anja Plaschg aka Soap&Skin gilt als neues Wunderkind des Österreichischen Pop. Mit uns sprach sie über ihre Jugend auf dem Land, ihre Arbeitsweise und die Gründe, warum man auf alle Erwartungen pfeifen sollte +++ Im Auge der Betrachterin – Die deutsche Fotografin Birgit Wudtke porträtiert Künstlerinnen in ungewöhnlichen Posen. Eine Werkschau +++ Schlau angezogen – Diese Frauen wissen Bescheid über Computer, Musik und Wissenschaft und sehen dabei irgendwie super aus. Die besten Streberinnen-Outfits für diesen Herbst +++ Drei von vier – In Burkina Faso werden immer noch jährlich Tausende Mädchen verstümmelt. Lokale Frauenorganisationen kämpfen mit Aufklärung gegen die Praxis und haben damit erste Erfolge +++ Außerdem: Yo Majesty – Zwei Rapperinnen gegen das HipHop-Patriarchat +++ Kamasutra-Test – Mit Gymnastik zum Gipfel? +++ Beauty Tipp – Wie klebe ich mir einen Bart? +++ Reise-Führerin Wien – DJ Electric Indigo erzählt, wo man in ihrer Heimatstadt am besten knutschen kann +++ Knit your own Streetart – Die Künstlerin Nina Braun über ihre selbst gestrickten Skulpturen +++ Nayla Tueni – Eine junge libanesische Journalistin erbt den liberalsten Zeitungsverlag der arabischen Welt +++ Zelda Fitzgerald – war das It-Girl der Zwanziger. Was wäre heute aus ihr geworden? +++ Plus: Musik, Film, Kunst, Politik, DIY und mehr…


july 2008:
5 Jahre heliumcowboy artspace – group exhibition



june 2008:
Going Round The Houses

See my first attempt at making a cartoon…



may 2008:
It’s done!

As you can see everybody was very happy Saturday night at heliumcowboy artspace.
The images of my new artwork, some exhibition views, the making of and setting up and some impressions of the opening party are online now!



may 2008:Stick And Move – new solo show

Before turning my back on Hamburg, I will display my current works in my third solo show at heliumcowboy artspace.
This time I’ve worked exclusively with textiles. I’ve knitted and sewed an installation, pictures and sculptures.
The opening will be on Saturday, May 24, at 8 pm. JLu plays laid-back Indie Hop, Electronic and campfire music.

You are warmly invited! Nina

heliumcowboy artspace, Sternstr. 4, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
Stick And Move – Needleworkout by Nina Braun – 24.5. – 4.7.2008
opening hours: wednesday – friday 11am – 7pm.

For more informations..



february 2008:
Hello Africa II

The helping hounds of hell show up in Hamburg!

The Berlin show two weeks ago was a big success and that will hopefully be continued at the heliumcowboy artspace tomorrow night: come to the opening party  at 8 p.m. and see unique artworks on 100 skateboards!

Buy! All benefit goes to the SAGE hospital for children in Senegal.



february 2008:
Sing What You Know

As an exception here is a little advertising concerning someone else: my boyfriend, one of my best friends and two other nice guys who do a good job playing their instruments, release a record today: Sing What You Know is the name of their second album, Home Of The Lame is the name of the band.
I am not very good at describing music with words, but Walter Schreifels says, that Schopenhauer says “Only he who takes what he writes directly out of his own head is worth reading”, and Sing What You Know spells out and illustrates the point. Ja genau. Aside from that this is a solid piece of pop-music that dares to rock. I really like it and if you want to check it out click here (myspace) or here (regular website).

Home Of The Lame:  Sing What You Know, Grand Hotel van Cleef,  2008



january 2008:
Hello Africa!

“The helping hounds of hell” is a charity project initiated in summer 2007 by twilite skateboards in association with GDBG for the Sage hospital in Senegal / West Africa.
100 boards will be painted (Well – maybe not all of them, as you can see below I knitted again!) by more than 30 international artists.
These boards can be seen & of course bought from the 25.01.2008 – 03.02.2008 at Neurotitan gallery in Berlin and from 08.02.2008 – 12.02.2008 at heliumcowboy artspace in Hamburg.
All people participating in this project work without commercial aims. All benefit will be donated to the SAGE HOSPITAL e.V. .



december 2007:
Love, peace and happiness!

Enjoy your holidays, recreate and then: a mind-blowing 2008! Jehaw.


december 2007:
SCOPE – artfair in Miami

Dear friends at the US east coast: gallery heliumcowboy artspace travelled all the way to show you the art of Boris Hoppek, Neasden Control Centre, Alex Diamond, Antonio Santin, Casey McKee and me.
Come over and take a look at the SCOPE Miami, December 5 – 9 2007.

Roberto Clemente Park, 101 NW 34th Street, Wynwood Art District, Miami



november 2007:
Hamburger Comicfestival / Toy Store im Hinterconti

Vom 7. bis 9. Dezember gibt es wieder das liebenswerte Hamburger Comicfestival rund um das Haus 73. Im Rahmenprogramm machen Moki, Haina, Patrick Farsar, Nils Knott, Pauli und ich eine kleine Ausstellung mit dem Namen ‘Toy Store’ im Hinterconti in der Marktstraße. Gezeigt werden dort dann zur Abwechslung ausschließlich dreidimensionale Figuren. Kommt gerne auf ein Getränk zur Eröffnung am Freitag ab 20 Uhr oder seht Euch die Ausstellung in Ruhe am Samstag oder Sonntag von 12 bis 18 Uhr an.

Galerie Hinterconti, Marktstraße 40, 20357 Hamburg – Karoviertel
Kulturhaus 73, Schulterblatt 73, 20357 Hamburg – Schanzenviertel



may 2007:
furnish – book release

The ‘bad mood cloud’ I did last year, supported by my friend Anneli Schuetz, can now be seen in a very interesting new book, released by ‘Die Gestalten Verlag’: “Furnish presents domestic territories that expand upon our current understanding of interior design. The book documents recent work by designers, artists and architects that shows how they are using furniture in pioneering ways: as environment, as art object, as digital-organic growth, as mutation or as insertion.”

FURNISH edited by R. Klanten, S. Lovell, B. Meyer / Text by Sophie Lovell
272 pages / 22,7 x 28,1 cm / full colour, hardcover / language: English
Price: € 39,90 or $ 55,00 or £ 29,99 / ISBN: 978-3-89955-176-1



march 2007:
going back to Paris

Next week I will be in Paris to join a group exhibition of wool artists. It will take place in the Boutique Printemps Design inside the Centre Pompidou. Opening is on Wednesday, 21st of March. I joined another wool art event in Paris two years ago and it was mad! So – if you are in town… The show can be seen for 3 weeks.

Place Georges Pompidou, 75004 Paris, France, phone 01 44 78 15 78
Open every day from 11 am to 10 pm, exept on mondays



february 2007:
SCOPE art fair in New York, Feb 22 – 26

Heliumcowboy artspace was on tour again and took some of my stuff (amongst others’, namely Neasden Control Center, Friends With You, Moki, Boris Hoppek, Alex Diamond and Patrick Farzar) to show it at the SCOPE art fair in New York.

As Jörg (Mr. Helium) mailed me today it was a complete success and my knitted sneakers where probably the topmost mugged exhibit on the whole fair. So now I know why I get so many friendly mails these days from people who checked out my site and pay me nice compliments! Thanks.



december 2006:
Learning to fly.

After more than 2 months in the coal mines I am back on track. And ready for take-off again – going to Cologne to see the film ‘Fliegen lernen’ by Kim Koch which receives it’s premier at the ‘XXX-Pilotin’ filmfestival at Museum Ludwig.
It’s a 60 minutes documentary about 3 women in the german / swiss skateboarding szene. I am one of them. I was accompanied by the team around the marvellous Kim Koch over a longer period in my life, including many changes: From my time as a ‘business woman’ via the decision to quit this career and dare to be a full-time artist. Quite a personal document.. Same for the other two protagonists, Rodi Münzel and Esther Vonplon, both skaters with all their heart. If you are interested and close-by – come along! You might not make me out because I wear a beard or so, but I’ll be there.

Fliegen lernen. Tuesday, 12.12.06 at 8.30 pm – the entry is free
Filmforum NRW im Museum Ludwig, Bischofsgartenstr. 1, Cologne.



september 2006:
friends with you bootleg show

On Saturday we opened the friends with you bootleg show at heliumcowboys’.What Boris Hoppek, Moki, Neasden Control Centre, Kingdrip, Alex Diamond, Kukusina Portnova, Via Grafic, Eliza, Haina an I di do safe asses of guys who come to late to their own exhibition can be seen from 23.9. – 22.10. at the gallery heliumcowboy artspace, Sternstrasse 4, Hamburg – St. Pauli. Meet the originals in 22nd of October!



august 2006:
This weekend: Clepto anniversary contest!

Upcoming weekend part 1 of the festivities on the occasion of Cleptomanicx’ 15th birthday will take place:

A skate contest like you’ve never seen before! Stefan Marx‘ daffy characters and odd worlds will be turned into skatepark full of gay obstacles and wonderland-like creatures. (On the picture below you see the trophies I made for this event. See also the toast costume at > work > misc!)
If you are close-by come to the skating rink at ‘Planten un Blomen’ here in Hamburg on saturday and sunday!
Saturday nite my friend Eazy Iron and his blockparty association will knock down the ‘Baltic Raw Tower’ on the left bank.

Be there! For more information check in here: