Januar 24th, 2014

Many years later I made another whitescreen animation. Again for my friend Judith Holofernes (the sinsging knight with the horse from below). It’s the music video for her third single “Nichtsnutz” (nogoodnik? goof-off?), and yes – it is good for nothing but useless distraction. A hymn on the idleness!
And so was my work: no storyboard or even a plan. Just letting myself go on a lighttable with permanent markers and see what happens while listening to Judith`s admirable lyrics.


Donna Quichote meets Judith d’Arc

Dezember 8th, 2013

…and here‘s the video!         (I made the costume)


Ein leichtes Schwert

November 18th, 2013


Melde mich zurück von einem weiteren Ausflug ins Kostümwesen.

Für meine Freundin Judith Holofernes habe ich in den letzten Wochen ein mehrteiliges Großraumkostüm kreiert: Ein leichtes Schwert, ein schweres Pferd und eine Ritterrüstung. Alles aus textilen Fasern genäht und gestrickt versteht sich.
Für ihr Video zum brandneuen Titel “Ein Leichtes Schwert” vom brandneuen Solo-Album ist sie damit letzte Woche mitten durch Berlin galoppiert. Big Fun! Sobald das Video draußen ist, gibts links und “echte” Bilder.


spontane Wanderlust

April 2nd, 2013

Pretty spontaneously my dear friend Moki and I set up a little show here in Berlin:
As part of the Pictoplasma Festival of Character Design and Art, more precisely during it’s Character Walk, Moki and I give a quick insight on our recent work.
Both of us are currently working on stories that are about expeditions into the otherness.
Moki presents a brandnew ‘wimmelbild’ and her graphic novel ‘Wandering Ghost’. I show some samples from the forthcoming book ‘Einer Und Die Anderen’ that I am working on together with Judith Holofernes.

You can find it all at archive books, Dieffenbachstr. 31, 10967 Berlin (Graefekiez).
The exhibition will be free and open from Wednesday April 10 to Sunday April 14, from 12 to 20h.

As the place is rather tiny we will not have a grand opening, but on Wendnesday between 19 and 21h we will definitely be there and happy to say hello to you!

Moki: from ‘Wandering Ghost’


März 8th, 2013

The Association of Illustrators, based in London, launched it’s newest publication of Varoom. Check it out!


imaginary travels

Oktober 31st, 2012

Those of you who are in Berlin and want to know what the finished version of the attached piece looks like and/or those who want to take their kids to an art show appealing to kids I’d like to invite to come to the Amerikahaus am Bahnhof Zoo and check out the group show ‘Imaginäre Reisen’.

On 500m2 a large group of international artists are showing their work during the next 6 weeks – not exclusively but compatibly for children.
The opening is on Saturday, November 3 from 02 pm – 05 pm.

Artists: Dominik Lejman (PL), Ellen Harvey (UK), Wolfgang Karl May (DE), Max Frey (AT), Egill Saebjornsson (IS), Ethan Hayes-Chute (US), Kirstine Roepstorff (DK), Michael Johansson (SE), Nina Braun (DE), Katharina Lackner (AT), Rebecca Raue (DE), Konrad Mühe (DE), Olafur Eliasson (DK), Stefan Saffer (DE), Andy Graydon (US), Thilo Frank (DE), Sophie Erlund (DK), Franz Hoefner und Harry Sachs (DE), Sebastian Hempel (DE), Hollie Chastain (US), Guy Ben-Ner (IL), Eduardo Basualdo (AR), Gaby Taplick (DE), Dustin Schenk (DE), David Krippendorff (DE)

More info here.

..or watch this awesome little trailer!


photographed by Clara Bahlsen


Juli 2nd, 2012

Sorry. It’s been a while..! Season’s greatings. Tss.
In the meantime I joined another pictoplasma show here in berlin, was published in their new book, sew a giant thought bubble for a job, did welcome several groups of students in my studio, took care of growing teeth an wounded knees, and started working hard and with great pleasure on a new project, which is a book. This much I can reveal.

With my brandnew calculator I will keep you posted!  Cheers, Nina

season’s greetings

Dezember 21st, 2011

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,


Pictoplasma group exhibition Paris

November 19th, 2011

“Lés Creatures Ont Leur Festival!

The Berlin based Pictoplasma project is acclaimed for its unique focus on contemporary character design and figurative art. The annual festivals in Berlin and NYC have evolved to be the meeting points for an international audience of illustrators, graphic designers, animation filmmakers as well as producers and fine and urban artists. Now, the world’s leading Festival of contemporary character culture celebrates its premiere in Paris!
From December 7 to 31 la Gaite lyrique presents a comprehensive program with installations, exhibition, artist conferences, performances,
screenings  and loads of Character!”

I will show some of my work in the group exhibition Post Digital Monsters alongside pieces created by Shoboshobo (FRA), AJ Fosik (USA), Allison Schulnik (USA), Ben & Julia (FRA – SUI), FriendsWithYou (USA), Hyein Lee (KOR), Jeremy Dower (USA), Jordan Metcalf (ZAF), Joshua Ben Longo (USA), Juan Pablo Cambariere (ARG), MyMO (GER), Nick Cave (USA), Nick Sheehy (AUS), Overture (USA), Raymond Lemstra (NED), Rina Donnersmarck (GBR), Roman Klonek (POL), Sarah Illenberger (GER), Steve Alexander (GER).

7 – 31 DECEMBER 2011
3 bis rue Papin
75003 Paris


picture by Motomichi

maternity leave pt. two

August 8th, 2011

Deliriously happy I am to tell you, that our second child arrived safe and sound!
I’ll get back to work sometime later…                            Love, Nina