spontane Wanderlust

Pretty spontaneously my dear friend Moki and I set up a little show here in Berlin:
As part of the Pictoplasma Festival of Character Design and Art, more precisely during it’s Character Walk, Moki and I give a quick insight on our recent work.
Both of us are currently working on stories that are about expeditions into the otherness.
Moki presents a brandnew ‘wimmelbild’ and her graphic novel ‘Wandering Ghost’. I show some samples from the forthcoming book ‘Einer Und Die Anderen’ that I am working on together with Judith Holofernes.

You can find it all at archive books, Dieffenbachstr. 31, 10967 Berlin (Graefekiez).
The exhibition will be free and open from Wednesday April 10 to Sunday April 14, from 12 to 20h.

As the place is rather tiny we will not have a grand opening, but on Wendnesday between 19 and 21h we will definitely be there and happy to say hello to you!

Moki: from ‘Wandering Ghost’